Why its crucial to expose sexual misconduct by police officers

I am pleased to report that I have recently settled claims for two victims of DC McMillan, a Merseyside Police Detective  who abused vulnerable women who had sought help from the Police in response to domestic violence from their respective partners.  I have previously written about what happened to the women (click here).

DC McMillan was a Detective in the Merseyside Police Family Crime Investigation Unit.

In April 2016, DC McMillan was sentenced to four years in prison for targeting vulnerable women for his personal sexual gratification.

According to local Media reports, DC McMillan admitted misconduct involving seven victims.

I was contacted by two of the victims and after instituting Court proceedings, I can confirm that both have now received substantial payouts.

The compensation awarded will now go to assist and help the women to overcome the trauma they have suffered; the settlement payment included an allowance for the cost of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that had been recommended by a Psychiatrist who had examined the women.

Although I am pleased to have helped these two women, I am concerned that McMillan’s other victims are yet to receive any form of relevant and much-needed support.

Who are the other victims?  DC McMillan admitted abusing 7 women in total so that means there are 5 other women.

However, I suspect that there are other women out there who either refused to assist in the criminal prosecution of DC McMillan or could not be identified and are simply unknown.  The fact is that we simply don’t know how many other women DC McMillan abused.

This is particularly relevant as in my experience corrupt Police Officers like DC McMillan are serial offenders and further, the sad fact is that  many women who have been abused by a Police Officer don’t step forward and actively report their abuser. There are many reasons for this including low self-esteem, shame, denial and a general feeling of hopelessness, and helplessness, and a fear of the consequences. Will they be believed ? What I would like to say to these women is “Yes, you will be.” If you have the courage to step forwards, we can put right the wrongdoings committed by McMillan and other predatory officers like him.

In my experience abusers like DC McMillan are often ‘discovered’ by accident.

In this case, Merseyside Police in June 2014 were alerted to the fact that a 17-year-old girl had been reported Absent from Care from the care of Cheshire Social Services.  Whilst she was absent from this care, the girl’s mobile phone was examined and it was found that the  girl had been messaging an unknown Merseyside Police Detective.   Subsequent enquiries revealed this Officer to be DC McMillan.

Following this, Merseyside Police Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) commenced an investigation into the conduct and activities of McMillan.

Analysis of Detective Constable McMillan’s mobile phone identified that there was a vast amount of data, inclusive of text messages, iMessages, WhatsApp and social networking conversation to many different females.

It was discovered that McMillan had come into contact with these women as he had been the Officer in Charge of their investigations when they had been subjected to domestic violence at the hands of their partners.

All of the identified females were vulnerable due to the very nature of the circumstances which led them to meet Detective Constable McMillan.  A number of the females were victims of on-going  domestic related incidents and had contacted the Police as a last resort for help. McMillan was now placed in a position of considerable influence and power over them, as the representative of the Police authority to whom they had turned for help in dire straits, and he callously exploited his position and their vulnerabilities for his own sexual gratification.

It is very important I think to highlight these cases and to ensure that they get a good level of publicity, to shine a light on the behaviour of a certain category of predatory individuals like McMillan who hide within the uniform of a Police Officer and exploit the power and opportunity their position gives them.

Increased reporting of cases of this nature will hopefully get the message out to individual victims of such rogue officers that they are not alone and that their abuser can be held to account and they can receive just and fair compensation, which will go some way at least to healing the harm done to them.

Author: iaingould

Actions against the police solicitor (lawyer) and blogger.

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