My name is Iain Gould.

I’m a Solicitor (lawyer) and specialise in compensation claims against the police.

I have over 20 years’ experience in this area of the law. I am a director and Head of Litigation in national firm DPP Law Ltd. (trading as David Phillips & Partners). I have led the department for over 15 years. You can read more about me here.

I represent people from all walks of life, from upstanding members of the community to habitual offenders. You can read their stories in the case reports, where you will see that I have represented grandmothers, students, professionals, people seeking work and many others.

I act for people from all over England and Wales. As this is such a specialist area of law I routinely accept referrals from other solicitors’ firms to represent their clients.

Many of my cases have been reported by the BBC and ITV, various national, regional, and local papers and other media organisations. I have appeared on BBC, ITV, and Channel 5 t.v. programmes talking about claims against the police. You can read case reports and the media’s take on them by clicking on the link.

I will be using my extensive experience and expertise to make what I hope will be a useful and interesting website.

Click on this link if you want to know what actions against the police are, and this link if you’re interested in why I write about them.

I’ll be posting news about claims involving the police, prison service and other detaining authorities, as well as general information about the law, life and other things. Go to the blog page to read them.

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I hope you enjoy visiting my website.

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