Bradford man wins compensation and apology after police operation failures

I ensured that a 39 year-old father of 2 was paid £15,000 in compensation and received an apology from West Yorkshire Police after they accepted his claims that he was the victim of police assault, wrongful arrest, and false imprisonment.

On 17 October 2007 Anwar Gillespie helped two WPCs to calm down a female neighbour’s son as they attempted to execute a warrant against her. While in his neighbour’s house approximately 20 police officers arrived in response to a distress call made earlier by one of the WPCs. In mis-interpreting Mr. Gillespie’s role as peacemaker, the newly arrived police officers dragged him from inside the house, pulled him to the ground and assaulted him. They then arrested Mr. Gillespie and took him to Bradford Police Station where he was detained in a cell for more than 7 hours without being informed of his rights. He was kept overnight before finally being released the following day after 24 hours imprisonment with no further action being taken.

Mr. Gillespie made a police complaint to West Yorkshire Police but this was rejected. Following an internet search, in 2009 he contacted me as a solicitor who specializes in actions against the police.

Anwar Gillespie received rough justice for trying to help West Yorkshire Police. After the police assault, false arrest, wrongful imprisonment and rejection of his complaint, the police wrongly denied all liability but made a derisory offer to settle his compensation claim.  This only served to waste both Mr. Gillespie’s time and increase costs. After seven further offers and two years of negotiations Mr. Gillespie’s claim settled for a substantial sum and he received the apology he deserved.

I was ably assisted in this matter by Nick Stanage of Doughty Street Chambers, who also specialises in police misconduct cases.

Press coverage of this police brutality claim

The BBC called Mr. Gillespie a ‘good samaritan’ in their story.

The Bradford Telegraph & Argus quoted the apology from the police.

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