What are Actions Against the Police?

Actions against the police are civil compensation claims, primarily based in the law of tort, for damages.

People often claim for things such as false imprisonment, wrongful arrest, assault and battery (also known as police brutality), malicious prosecution, and trespass.

Other types of Police abuse claims have emerged over the years.

The Police hold a significant amount of data on individuals and this mishandling of data can often lead to claims for Breach of the Data Protection Act or for Misuse of Private Information.

More recently, Police Officers abusing their powers for sexual gain by exploiting relationships with vulnerable victims of crime has gained media attention leading to claims for Misfeasance in Public Office and Harassment.

Finally, Police abuse can often herald a claim for breach under the Human Rights Act, whether for liberty, privacy or the right to protest.

I am an expert solicitor (lawyer) in helping innocent people make these claims.  In appropriate cases I force the police to admit their wrongdoing, apologise and pay compensation. Read examples of the sort of cases I have pursued by clicking on the Case Reports page.

The courts frequently take the view that compensation for police claims should be extended to include aggravated and exemplary damages, where the object is to punish the police for their unconstitutional, arbitrary or oppressive behaviour. You can read about the damages I have been able to recover for my clients in their case reports.

Actions against the police claims can be made against other detaining bodies, not just the police. I have successfully pursued compensation claims for people who were the victims of misconduct by prison officers, shop security staff, court staff and others.

Read more about the cases I pursue and my thoughts on actions against the police in the blog section on this website.

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