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Many of my clients say that the most important thing about winning their actions against the police claim is knowing that they were justified in pursuing their claim and/ or complaint.

Often they have never been in trouble with the police before and are shocked and disappointed by their treatment at the time of the incident and afterwards.

For this reason, some clients are keen to tell their stories to the press so that they, their friends, and family, can all put the matter to bed, and hopefully serve as a warning to others. They are also keen to let people know that help is out there. All of them have agreed to me using their details.

I will post some of the case reports relating to my clients’ actions against the police together with links to the news stories in the press here. Simply click on the links on this page or hover your cursor over the ‘Case Reports’ tab for links to the articles.

Case Reports about Actions Against the Police Claims

Police tactics fail to prevent mentally ill man pursuing his claim in court

Suicidal schizophrenic compensated after police brutality

Stop the War campaigner compensated following police assault

Grandmother receives compensation following CS gas police assault

Cleveland Police punished at court for fabricating evidence

Bradford man wins compensation and apology after police operation failures

Police negligence deprives family of carer and car

Bumbling Police Arrest Son, Terrifying Mum

Metropolitan Police assault at gunpoint leads to substantial compensation

British Transport Police ordered to pay compensation after giving false evidence

Successful claim against the police after Crown Court appeal

Suing the Police results in £13,250 payment to defenceless student

Unlawful Arrest Compensation Paid after Assault by Security Guard

Claim Against the Police After an Armed Police Raid

50,000 Reasons to Sue the Police

Wiltshire Police pay £9000 compensation after Breach of the Peace Unlawful Arrest

Jury Finds West Midlands Police Officers Lied After Taser Assault

Dishonest Merseyside Police lose Drunk and Disorderly Case

How I Helped a Single Mother Sue the Police for £12,500

“Nightmare” Caused by Essex Police’s Reckless Decision


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